Girl next door, book worm & office professional…

So when you pass me on the street you would never guess that it’s really the sexy, submissive sexpert your rushing to work to call.

That’s right, by day my baby face has the world fooled. You’d never guess that I’m heading home to shed every bit of my clothing & inhibition as I walk into my apartment, and pour myself a whiskey on the rocks.

The neat bun comes loose as I shake my head. I remove the glasses and my filters….letting my naturally sexual, smart ass thoughts flood back in. Ahhhh… feels good to be so free.

I head into my home bar & personal VIP area. Welcome to JUICYS WORLD. Low, colorful lighting and a dark, sexy vibe wrap around me as I dial in….

“Have you been a naughty little slut for me Jasmine….” I hear you come across the line.

My skin breaks out in goosebumps, and I feel that familiar stirring low in the pit of my stomach. As I reach up to feel my nipples harden, I clear my throat.

” Yes Sir, I have been very bad….”

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